About Us

Meet our history.

About us

Located in the Salamanca district of Madrid , central Psicorazón psychology consists of a number of professionals in the field of psychology , psychiatry , pedagogy and education.


Offering an integrated approach to all our users.


For over 10 years we have been helping our customers achieve well-being and emotional balance.


We are currently in expansion phase we have expanded our facilities and day after day we incorporate new specialists with training continuadad in the latest techniques that have proven effectiveness experimentally, and we acquired the latest assessment tools , all in order to offer excellent service, customer-focused and well-being.

Our team

Our system

Interview and questionnaires.

In the first session we review the history and important elements in the origin and maintenance of each of the problems that they want to work . We send the relevant questionnaires to establish a baseline and to compare the progress subsequently .

Explanatory model and objectives.

In the second phase we return an explanatory model of the problem that includes the factors that are holding at present and a number of targets are set to improve the situation .

Learning strategies.

We teach techniques and skills necessary to achieve the objectives.

Relapse prevention.

A strategic plan is developed to sustain the gains and strengthen the important areas to temporarily secure improvements .

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